For the Love of Crocs

I get it most places I go once it’s shorts and T-shirts weather. People take a look at my feet and almost immediately question why I’m wearing Crocs. Now, I’ve been wearing Crocs for years now. I first started because I got turf toe years back and they felt like I was walking on air and I didn’t care if I was making a fashion statement or not. In subsequent years, however, I’ve decided to stick with them. Why? Well, they’re comfortable and easy to put on when you’re in a rush (which I always am). I also dig that I can wear them to the beach and whenever sand gets all over my feet, I can simply water them off with shoes on. Rubber is as rubber does.

I have many friends in the food service industry and they wear Crocs because they’re comfortable. Would they wear them outside the kitchen? Hell no. They tell me this. “They’re ugly” is a continual reason. The term “clown shoes” is another. Just last week, a client I work with said, “you know there’s only two kinds of people who wear Crocs, right?” I brushed it off. I don’t know but I’m assuming one of the two is a dad. Maybe the others are doctors and nurses? They’re huge in the medical field. I’m cool with that. A few years ago, Ice-T and I engaged in friendly fire over Crocs on Twitter. He wouldn’t be caught dead in them. I tried to get him to get behind them because, well, again they’re comfortable. No dice.

According to a press release last month by Crocs, sales are up — like significantly. That’s right — I’m not alone. As it states in the release, Andrew Rees, Chief Executive Officer, said, "Demand for the Crocs brand is stronger than ever with expected 2021 revenue growth of 40 percent to 50 percent.” Wow, right?

He goes on to say, “In the first quarter we achieved record revenues and profitability, with growth in all regions and all channels. We have raised full year guidance as we continue to see consumer demand for our product accelerate globally."

So why the sudden rise in the casual footwear brand’s appeal? Could it be people in the pandemic simply gave up on fashion trends and just wanted comfort while working from home instead of cool kicks? (I say that mind you feeling wholeheartedly that Crocs are “cook kicks” BTW.) It’s hard to say. In an article earlier this week, it seems this somewhat fancy footwear is HUGE in Florida for those reasons as outlined in this story. But that’s Florida.

So this guy asks you — why all the Crocs hate? Why can’t a dude in his 40s wear them and feel good about them? Why the hate? Comment below so I can understand where people are coming from. I won’t stop wearing them regardless and even plan to buy additional pairs but let me know. Thanks. Off topic, I also wear visors still.



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Jon Chattman

He once enjoyed a Reuben sandwich with Randy “Macho Man” Savage, has written eight books, hosts his own music series, and is a proud dad. He can’t ride a bike.