A-Sides Interview with Steven Galanis — Cameo Co-Founder & CEO Talks Company Growth During Pandemic and Unlimited “Magical Moment” Potential

Michael Scott (Steve Carell) showing up at Dwight and Angela’s wedding. Will Ferrell screaming at his mom for meatloaf in The Wedding Crashers. The subtle Garfield burn Bill Murray lays down in Zombieland. The list of examples are endless from Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross to Hulk Hogan in Gremlins 2. Yes, very often the best parts of a television series and especially a film is a cameo appearance — one scene in which an actor (often unbilled) that steals the whole damn thing and it stays with you forever. Cameo is also a apt name for the surging video-sharing app that gives fans a chance to get personalized messages from their favorite actor, singer, athlete, and everyone in-between. During these pandemic times, Cameo is reaching a fever pitch with family and friends looking for inventive ways to celebrate their loved ones’ special occasions. On the flipside, more and more A-listers are joining the mix. Cameo isn’t just a gag where you get a B-movie star to wish your cousin’s brother’s roommate a “Happy Birthday.” It has a plethora of talent ranging from Snoop Dogg to Mandy Moore.

For this writer, in particular, I’ve used the service to lift spirits to friends who have lost their jobs, my dad for his birthday, and quite honestly, for myself as a pick me up. Sometimes you just need William Hung to personally tell you everything is going to be okay. You have never felt love until Hung sings “She Bangs” into your eyes, or um, into your mobile device. Anyway…

Cameo was created in 2016 by Steven Galanis, Martin Blencowe, and Devon Spinnler Townsend. As of today, there are roughly 40,000 walks of pop life to choose from. Late last month, I caught up with co-founder and CEO Galanis and asked him about the company’s mighty rise — going from a simply cameo to a full-fledge movie star. See what I did there? What I’m say is it was a small company when it started and now it’s big time. Um, OK, let’s just get on with the interview. Watch this, and if you feel compelled to do so, feel free to send me a Cameo telling me you read this.


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Jon Chattman

He once enjoyed a Reuben sandwich with Randy “Macho Man” Savage, has written eight books, hosts his own music series, and is a proud dad. He can’t ride a bike.